Why I backed the Shoreditch Village Hall

Every community needs a place for chance encounters to take place. Community needs a heart for people to gravitate towards. Community needs coffee.

There are many articles, case studies and stories about how workspace design and architecture creates interaction, innovation and collaboration. You can see one about pixar here. One about The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation here. One about the googleplex here. And, of course, there is apple’s new design. In fact, Jonah Lehrer’s book Imagine gives many examples of how different communities and movements have taken hold because of central places that bring like-minded people together that create serendipitous moments and chance collaborations and most of them didn’t need to spend $5bn to make it happen. That’s why I think the kickstarter project to open up a Village Hall in Shoreditch is great and something that the community should back. There is so much talent and activity in the area now that a strong central hub will help develop and enable the community to do more together, and maybe spark something even more amazing. Emergn are part of the community and I wanted to back the initiative.

And, apart from that, it’s always good to have a great place to go for coffee. Please consider contributing. It might be the catalyst for something amazing.